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Buy Sildamax 100mg online as it is a well-liked & successful medication used to treat impotence in males, commonly known as erectile dysfunction (ED). A guy with erectile dysfunction....

Sildamax 100mg is a commonly produced drug available in the market for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction in men. It has the components of an active ingredient called Sildenafil citrate also known as Viagra. Erectile Dysfunction is a physiological or psychological condition where a man struggles to produce or maintain an erection long enough to perform any sexual activities. This condition may cause individual stress, low self-esteem, relationship problems, and more. Men often see Erectile Dysfunction as a threat to their manhood and want to get treated right away. 


How does Sildamax 100 mg work?


Sildamax 100 mg functions in the same way as any other Sildenafil citrate medication works. Sildamax has the components of Sildenafil citrate that relax the muscles in blood vessels and increases blood flow in the penis with sexual stimulation that helps a man get an Erection long and firm enough to perform sexual activities.


Dosage of Sildamax 100 mg:


Doctors usually recommend taking 100 mg of Sildamax a day. Consult your doctor for a suitable prescription.

Take it with a glass of room-temperature water. Avoid chewing or breaking the tablet.


Benefits of Sildamax 100 mg:


This medication gives you a prolonged and firm Erection to have sexual intercourse.

It increases stamina and overall performance.

Sildamax 100 mg is affordable and easily available in the market.


Side Effects of Sildamax 100 mg:


Sildamax 100 mg may cause some side effects that are usually common and go away within a few hours. These side effects are mostly linked with dehydration and go away as water intake is increased. Some of the commonly reported side effects are:



Runny nose

Stuffy nose

Blocked nose


Upset stomach

Rashes on the skin

Flushing or redness on the face

Changes in vision ( blurred vision or abnormal vision)

UTI (urinary tract infection)

RTI (respiratory tract infection)


These side effects usually do not need urgent medical attention. If any of these effects last longer than a few hours or get worse, contact your doctor or pharmacist immediately.


Severe side effects of Sildamax have rarely been reported. Contact your doctor immediately if you experience any of the symptoms:

 Extreme dizziness

Troubled breathing

 Heart attack symptoms such as chest pain, irregular breathing, pain in the shoulders, neck, or jaw, fast heartbeat, sweating, etc.

Erection that lasts longer than 4 hours. It is a sign of Priapism and it can cause permanent damage to the penis if ignored.


Side effects are not limited to the above-mentioned list. If you experience any other side effects contact your doctor or pharmacist.




Contraindications happen when a drug reacts to another drug in the process.


Sildamax may contraindicate if you are allergic to the inactive substances of Sildenafil citrate or if you are taking any nitrate drug.


Let your doctor know beforehand to avoid any interactions If you are taking any other medications or drugs including prescribed, nonprescribed, and herbal ones.


Precautions are to be taken while taking Sildamax 100 mg:


Inform your doctor about your medical history before taking this medication especially if you have or had heart conditions, liver diseases, kidney problems, surgery in the last 6 months, penis problems, fungal infections, or any other health conditions you have or had.

Avoid alcoholic beverages to lower the risks of having side effects.

Avoid grapefruit juices before or while taking this tablet.

This medication may cause slight dizziness, so avoid driving or heavy machinery work to avoid any risks of accidents.

Inform your doctor about this medication if you have any surgery lined up.

Avoid smoking or narcotic drugs as they may interact and reduce the efficacy of this medication.

Do not overdose.




Store in a dry place or at room temperature.

Keep it away from moisture and direct sunlight.

Do not store in bathrooms.

Keep it away from children and pets.

Do not take expired medicines.


NOTE: Sildamax 100 mg doesn't protect an individual from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

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